Friday, January 2, 2009

My trail horse is back...

Today, I decided to get back on Z and ride. I'd given her a couple days off with all the filming we were doing before the year ended. We were really focused and working hard and I think she even looks a little thin today. Anyway, I asked D if he'd ride with me and he said "yes"! Funny, is that all I had to do was ask?

So, I trimmed a couple hooves, tacked up my 2 mares and off we went. D was pretty smiley the whole time. We had fun. It was windy today, but the air was warm. Rain was, of course, a great horse for my boy. Z was too! Z and I hit a rough patch over the past couple weeks where trail riding was very worrisome for her. I've just kept at it and today, finally, my trail horse was back. She was calm, easy and wonderful. I'm convinced that she's a RBI/RBE. She has some left brained tendencies, but innately she's RB. That's why I'm constantly rebuilding her trust in me. I'm learning a ton with that mare.

When we got back from a fairly quick ride, D went back to the tv and I took Z into the arena. We worked on bridleless riding at the walk and trot in the figure 8. I'm having amazing success with looking up to the sky for my turns and I can really feel how my body position changes when I exaggerate movement like that. I also have a great bridleless stop developing with Z. A couple more sessions and I want to take it up to the canter and get my bridleless canter riding going. Focusing my eyes up and out is making a huge difference.

Today was probably the end of the nice weather for the holiday break and soon I'll be back to the grind (blech!). I've had a great break and developed quite a bit with my horses.

I love my life.

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