The Herd

Zarah is my 10 year old Anglo-Arab mare.  She has been my steady partner for nearly 5 years.  I bought her for her incredible endurance abilities and we've finished 50 mile races.  We are headed towards 100 mile events next year.  She has been barefoot her entire life and competes in endurance with no boots (unless the terrain is too severe).

We completed Level 3 in Parelli officially in the summer of 2009.  She's since focused with me on other things, like covering tons of miles, moving cattle, and competitive trail riding.  This mare can do it all!


Gemini is my 10 year old Appendix gelding.  I've had him for 5 years, but I've only spent the last 2 years really developing him.  He is now my dressage partner and we did our first show together in the summer of 2011.  He's coming along so beautifully after having some rough times with humans before I bought him. He is also my Level 4 Parelli horse and we're developing quite nicely in all 4 savvies (online, freestyle, liberty, finesse).

He also become a more steady trail horse for me over the past 2 years.


Rain is our gorgeous 10 year old buckskin paint Tennesee Walker mare.  We've owned her for 7 years and she was the horse I partnered with as I began to learn natural horsemanship.  She's done it all with me - limited distance endurance, trail competitions, mountain riding galore...  She knows many tricks and is a gentle, wonderful horse.  She has become my daughter's horse and Kendall is learning all the greatness of natural horsemanship and partnership with this great mare as her teacher.