Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just takin' a walk...

With Gemini. We just strolled down the trail. I wanted to do more but got out of work late. I led him with the 22', in case we needed to "partner up" while out there alone. However, he was just fine. We stopped about a mile out, he ate grass, I relaxed and let the stress of work ease away. I heard the horses call, and at one point, he thought to call back but didn't. I thought that was interesting. If I'd gone further, he would have called. We'll stretch the bubble slightly more next time.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gem and Rain

I started with Rain, worked on her feet a little more, and then took her on another short ride with Chrissy and Cowboy. She was so great! We played with opening the gate a little and we've conquered the flat bridge. She didn't want to stand on the flat brigde and I've spent a few sessions helping her gain confidence with it. She's solid there now, which is nice to see.

Gem has been trying to get my attention, which is so darn cute. He's there and ready to be haltered every time. Today, he hung his head over the fence and stared while I tacked up Rain. :-) I decided I'd make sure to bring him out and play with some bridleless riding. And we did! After the short ride with Rain and Chrissy, I brought him out. I tacked him up, trimmed him up a little, and we went into the arena. We worked on isolated ends, bridleless backup, a little passenger lesson and transitions. He felt so great today!! He's becoming more sensitive and light, which I love. I really want to conquer the trail with him this year and be able to ride him alone. The weather has been easy over this Christmas break and I hope to get him out on the trail this week. I'm back at work, unfortunately - but I'll make it work out somehow.

Tomorrow, maybe Z and Starlet? I've got more hooves to manage and hoping it stays warm. Enjoying some slow time and getting back to my passion and my partners.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

And now... back to the horses...

December was rough on my horse time! Business trips and then vacation for a week of skiing with my family. The skiing was fantastic, but by the end I was really missing my equine buddies and ready to put my energy back into my horsemanship.

I was finally able to get out today and enjoy a horse. I chose Rain. I trimmed her feet and gave her a good grooming. Then, Rain and I took Chrissy and Cowboy out for a trail ride. It was a short ride, 1-2 miles, but it was nice to be out!! Rain and I have a great language together and I really feel like riding her is like hanging out with my old best friend. I don't spend a lot of time with her as I'm trying to further develop Gem and I've been starting younger horses. But, I always miss her and decided to try ACTHA with her this year instead of trying another season with Z. I'd like to get Z ready for some endurance rides. And Gem and I will continue our L4 journey with maybe a couple shows. I have big plans for 2011!

Anyway, nice to be back in the barn to do more than just feed.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Takin' it easy...

I wanted to spend some time with my 2 best mares today - Z and Rain. I started with Z. I groomed her, trimmed her, all while she ate nice hay. Then, I tacked her up and we just did some walking around the property. I did some passenger lesson around the play area and she surprised me by stopping at nearly every obstacle and offering something. Pretty cute. It was easy and thoughtless time with my most advanced horse whose been on vacation. I'd like to start riding her again.

Then, I brought Rain in for a trim. Her front frogs have been healing from some thrush, so I took my time and made sure her frogs were in good shape to continue recovering. I wanted to ride Rain a little too, but the darn wind was so strong I decided not to. That's ok - we'll ride a lot in the spring.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Liberty with Gem

Great liberty session just before the sun went down. Got amazing exhuberance from my LBI. The promise of pressure is so motivating. Worked on the spin some more, a little spanish walk and COD prep for the FLC at liberty. Also backing from zone 5 and sideways from zone 1 and 3. Nice responsiveness and a happy face on my boy. Good day!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kime Group Lesson #3

A huge change with my horse and I and a great day with the group.

moving the hand - hand too far in the air
huge change in our stick riding - actually felt him turning and moving with me w/o reins. cool.
weird cantering - a few strides then drop to trot - am i in his way?
great improvement on backup - one foot at a time
best figure 8 i've ever gotten after he kicked out at me and landed a hoof on my stomach. I took my leadership up a notch and it was just what I needed to do. He's a dominant horse and I've got to watch it with him.
rode english and want to start doing that more to help me find my imbalances while riding.
practiced bridleless isolation of the ends and really found my bridleless riding improved from that practice

remember: quality, speed, distance - PICK ONE!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Quick liberty session with Gem

Had a little bit of time before the sun went down and took Gem to the round pen. Played with the spin, spanish walk, the rear a bit, and some circling. My gorgeous Z mare was standing outside the round pen, waiting to come in. Honestly, I was shocked. She could have been anywhere on our 35 acres and she stood outside the liberty pen gate. So I asked her in and she stuck to me while I played with Gem. I had them both sticking to me after a minute or so and Z and I played with close circling. I miss playing with her - she's such a fantastic mare. She must have liked liberty work more than I realized. I hope she's enjoying her time off to just be a horse, but sometimes I feel like she wants to be taken out for some play. I planned to ride her once a week during her mini-retirement, but I haven't done that. I hope to get good riding time over the Christmas holiday.