Thursday, March 31, 2011

A new horse has arrived!!

Got off work, loaded up Gem, and met a friend at Hidden Mesa. I need to check my blog, but this should be ride #5. And we have MADE IT! I mounted a cool, calm trail horse today! There was no obstinance, no attitude, we trotted for miles, canter only when I asked for it, no buck, nothing! His head started the trail low and calm breathing and ended the same way!

I'm amazed to be at this point with this horse. He's been my horse for 3-4 years and he's now the horse I always dreamed he'd be. I would gallop him without being afraid now. We'll see if he's that way consistently moving forward, but I think we're ready for the big leagues! I'm euphoric.

I put boots on all 4 hooves and that seemed to make him comfortable and happy. That's a pretty rocky trail. We met a biker on the trail who appeared from behind a tree and spooked both our horses pretty good. Gem had a moment of "unglued", but came together nicely and I stayed on. It was a bigger spook than I've ridden in a while.

We jumped some fallen logs near the end of the ride. Fun!

Anyway, just lovely. 7.5 miles in 90 mins. Hopefully, Deb and I can start doing even more mileage or maybe same mileage but faster or more mileage, but slower... whatever. I'm going to have a great, great summer.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Driving and Sending

I decided to start a program of softening the send and transitions up. So, Gem and I set out on the 45' and worked on lowering our phase 1 for sending on the circle and transition up on the circle. He was so compliant tonight, it was quite amazing. He never tried to leave the circle, he was responsive, his backups are straight and quick, he was just such a great partner. He got the send lighter and I can now simply look with a low, pointed finger. He seemed to be having fun!

I then worked on zone 5 driving. I played with transitions between trot and walk from zone 5 and weaving. He's doing better, but still tries to get me back into zone 1 sometimes. We'll keep progressing with that. Using the 45' as 2 reins is way better than the featherweight lines I bought. I don't love the feather lines. It was incredibly windy and they just would have been blowing everywhere.

Gemini is changing. He's becoming much more of a partner - more willing, more obedient, more motivated. The Parelli program simply works. I'm so excited for the coming months and the progress we'll make.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A day in Chenango

I decided to spend the day with my bestie Jen. I hauled Gem and Z over for some arena time and some trailriding. Before we left, I gave Gem a quick trim just to stay on top of the good shape we've got going. He's getting some very nice hooves!

I decided to try to pony Z on the trail to get to the arena. I can't believe I did that, really. I have ponied horses a ton and often 2 at a time. But I've never ponied a horse off Gem and I really didn't know how he'd feel about it. Interestingly, he has way more respect for Z's space than I ever imagined he would. When she came toward us, he would move out of her bubble so fast - at one point he even trotted sideways! We settled into things pretty quickly, though. I felt myself relaxing and we had a nice walk to the arena. It was an amazing feeling to ask Gem to do this and for him to get with me and get the job done. My confidence in him (and us) continues to grow like crazy. I'm super excited!

At the arena, I tied Z off and rode Gem around a bit. His canter is so nice - definitely his best gait. We played some leap frog with Kirk and Jen and then did some cavalettis and weaving. Gem just felt so great to me. He was responsive, willing, just a nice ride. At the end, I cantered him some and played with stopping and backing. I need to build his canter maintenance - he goes into the canter nicely, but doesn't stay there. We have to put that on the priority list- maintain gait at the canter. We need work there both online and in the saddle. He's a bit lazy, so I've got to find ways to motivate. Ugh - that's hard for me. Some point to point in the front pasture maybe - with a treat at each point. We'll work on it.

Then, I left Gem in Jen's stall/run and took Z for a trail ride. Z was wired for sound! She was willing to walk nicely, but she walks so much faster than Jen's horse. We played with backing, sideways, shoulder/haunches in, just making use of her energy to keep her from moving too fast. We got to a boggy area and played with confidently going through it. I tried to help Jen by riding Lynx through it too, but Lynx was under-impressed and determined to not go through it. Jen ended up getting off and sending her through. Z was unconfident but went through it repeatedly for me, each time making a bigger mess and sinking deeper into it. The mud was to her chest but she continued to go through for me. I really appreciated all her try. I love that mare.

Later, we ran into llamas and alpacas. Z has seen them before, but never so many. And I would say she wasn't confident in the past encounters anyway. We hung around, I got off so I could support her from the ground (she then stood behind me!) and we watched the small herd of 8 move around and show interest in us. Z seemed to calm down and we moved on. She was quite happy to get back to Gem and they called to each other once or twice. It wasn't the conditioning ride I wanted, but it was a fun time with Jen and my mare. I can always work on confidence with Z, she comes from such a right-brained place.

The horses stood tied at the trailer while we ate with Jen and Kirk (Steve and KK were there, too). They loaded beautifully, Jen and I checked out hooves, and then down the road we went for home.

I've had such an amazing weekend. I'm so proud of Gem and the progress we're making together. I'm so happy I got the time this weekend. Life is just good.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Buckin' down the trial with Gem

What a great day!!

Kyle was ready for another trail ride on Rain, so we loaded up and met Deb at Hidden Mesa around noon. I was very happy to be getting Gem out again - this would be our 3rd ride in a group on the trail since I started focusing on getting him trail savvy. I was more confident than I'd been on previous rides and I was ready to see how he'd do.

I decided to boot the fronts of both horses since this trail is pretty rocky at times. I was glad I did, too. Gem still had some soreness on the hinds. Next time, I'll boot all 4.

Kyle and Rain did great! After the first maybe 1/2 mile, when Gem had started to settle, we started to move out. Gem felt calm at this point and was relaxing more with each stride. Ahhhh, awesome. We were even cantering pretty soon after that. The horses were working hard and about 1/2 way through the ride, Gem started to buck. I don't know if this was a "feel good" buck or a defiant buck. I couldn't tell. It was easy to ride, so we just kept going.

We rode in the middle, the front and the rear. He was great in each spot and I was feeling us develop and change together. He was careful with his feet when needed and he was responsive to my seat and asks.

Towards the end, about 1/4 mile from the trailer, we were cantering and he bucked again. This buck was more of a head down, fully rounded back buck. I don't understand what triggered it. I asked him forward and we were off again - back in the canter. Luckily, I'm not too worried about the bucking anymore. I'm pretty confident that I can ride it. I'm started to feel it coming too, which helps me get into the best position. Now, I'd like to start working on asking him forward while he bucks so we can hopefully get past it. Still, I couldn't tell or guess why he decided to buck. His back seems fine, his body seems fine, I wasn't holding him - he had full reins, I just don't know. We'll see. I'm expecting the 7th ride (the end of a program) will tell me if I need to do something else to correct the bucking. At this point, my strategy is to try to bend him, to try to ask him forward, but most importantly to stay in the saddle.

When we got back, Kyle caught and tacked up Cowboy. He wanted to ride Cowboy and see what it was like. He was pretty tired and sore after 2 good rides in the last 24 hours, so he didn't get far. I tacked up Z and we just rode around the property together. It was nice to see Cowboy take a rider with no warm-up and just walk around safely.

Then, I managed to pull everything from my trailer tack room and get it organized (finally). That felt great. I spent about 5 hours with horses and I was pretty tired.

Looking forward to tomorrow - another ride on Gem!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hidden Mesa with Kyle

Surprisingly, Kyle decided to ride horses with me today! I finished work at 4:30, loaded up Rain and Z, and off we went!

We were riding by 5:15p, which ended up being just enough time to load horses back into the trailer before the sun went down. Both mares did great and worked hard. We trotted and cantered most of the trail. I was wishing I'd had boots for them as I'd forgotton how rocky the south rim is there. But they were fine, a couple chips on hoof walls.

Kyle was smiling most of the time, until near the end when he said his jeans were just chafing too much on his calves. Poor kid - he was not in good riding clothes. He walked the last mile or so and I ponied Rain back to the trailer to get them untacked and loaded. He had a great time though and decided he wanted to ride again tomorrow.

I love having one of my kids ride with me!

Z was so great today and she's starting to realize she doesn't need to hurry. She's responding so nicely. I love that mare. I'm really, really looking forward to trying a 25 on her in late spring/early summer. If it goes well, I really want to try for a 50 before the year is over.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slightly less wind...

Today, I got to play with TWO horses! Whoo-hoo! I used to play with multiples every day, but with winter and short days I've been happy to just get one moving.

I started with Gem and zone 5 driving. I used my new feather lines for the first time. I've only done 1 line driving with Gem so far, so this was new to him. At first, I think he felt slightly worried and he tried repeatedly to get me in zone 1. He got better over time and we even did some trotting together. The feather lines are so light and honestly, they are harder on my hands than the normal lines. They are hard to throw over Gem's back or other things I want to do. I might try to use a surcingle with them next time.

Gem and I need to work a little more on the forward ask from zone 5. He goes backwards like a champ, but forward is not as soft. He's unsure of what I'm asking for so that tells me I need more consistency with "how" I ask for forward from behind him.

We did some very nice sideways from zone 5 - I was impressed with his try! Also, some nice sideways from zone 1 today.

We ended up in the round pen for a little liberty play. His draw started off great but by the end, his draw was wavering. I must have been too forceful at liberty. We got some beautiful flc's and he was quite respectful of my requests. We will build more draw at liberty and maybe start playing with more transitions at liberty.

Got lots done with him today!

Chrissy played with Cowboy a little today, too. She wasn't really into it. The wind was calm all afternoon, but when it picked up she abandoned any thoughts of hopping on Cowboy. Too bad. Maybe this weekend she will get some time to hop on and do some development for her and her horse.

Then, I tacked up Z for a conditioning ride. This was tough today. It became so windy and it was quite cold. I thought I had enough clothes on but when I got out there, and as the sun got low, I was too cold. I got off and ran/walked next to her to keep my body warm for the 2nd half and we didn't go near as far as I'd intended. Not a great conditioning ride, but time spent together at least. There's a section on the trail that is quite scary to her and tonight she balked and refused to go closer and pass it. It's a yard that has lots of "junk" along with goats, chickens, dogs in kennels, beehives, etc... They have definitely added stuff to their yard since the fall when we were riding trail. I thought of my plan for a minute as I asked her to weave forward (approach and retreat) and she told me louder and louder, "I just can't!". I decided to get off and lead her. She was fine being lead, head low, not afraid. We stopped at the peak of the scary stuff and I let her soak in the environment. Then we moved on. I hopped right back on after passing this yard and she was fine. We'll have to spend some time at that yard and work through her fears there. I have to be careful not to push her through her thresholds when she's so clearly telling me it's too much for her to handle.

Starlet looks so much better today. She's been on extra fat for a few weeks and I've been blanketing her on these cold and windy days. She just needs the support right now. I brushed her the other day and removed a lot of that dead hair and winter coat. When I pulled her blanket off today, there was a more full horse with lots of shine. Good! I feel better about where she's heading.

It was a good evening with two of my best. I really, really hope the wind settles soon. It's wearing me down - 20 - 25mph winds every day is hard to bear.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Gem on the 45'

Had a little time to get Gem out on the 45' today after work. It was a fun session! His draw is excellent and now I'm working to keep him farther away, which makes me happy. He trots in with energy at the end of the 45'. I really think our trail rides have had a postive impact on our relationship, too. He's more respectful, more engaged, he's doing great.

We did lots of zone 5 driving tonight. I still have not used the feather lines, so next session I will pull those out and start driving with 2 lines. I'd really like to get where we can go for a jog down the trail so I can get exercise while we build our zone 5 driving.

At one point, on our circle game, the dogs were in the way and we both worked to avoid them. In doing so, he went out farther and got scared. I tried to hold him, but the 45' is so hard to grab. What was interesting was that this time, when he got away, he looked at me and thought about it. I probably could have asked him back in at that point, but I was so surprised to see him think about it and I didn't respond in time. He trotted away, but only about 10 feet. This is a huge improvement! A few weeks ago, he would have galloped to the barn! This made me happy and he got a carrot for coming back to me. Just an all around big change for Gemini over the past few weeks.

I had the puppy with me and he was quite a distraction while I played. But, I really enjoyed seeing Gem move and seeing his expressions and all the questions he asked me throughout our time. I'd like to improve sideways at a distance and start building 2 line zone 5 driving.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Conditioning ride with Z

Had just a really nice ride with Z today. The wind was howling and the clouds were gloomy, but we headed out anyway with our trail buddy, Deuce. I'm riding more country roads now because my neighboring community will no longer allow non-residents to use their open space. It's a bummer, but I'm finding other places to get the mileage in. We trotted, cantered some and walked some. She started out a little bit hot, but she was so nice after the first few minutes. I tried not to use reins and use only my body with reins as phase 4. It would be great to one day trust her enough to ride the trails with just a neck string. She's a high energy horse and we'd have to build our communication up enough that she would be with me even when she got scared.

I also gave her a touch up trim. I'm playing with the shape of her hinds and trying to get a little more heel developed. Her hooves look really nice, actually. I need to start booting her as we condition because I'll ride her more than her hooves can grow.

Kris came to see Rio today! He was missing her and he hung his head around her. It was really nice to see. He's such a nice little horse. I think she'll be getting back out to develop him some more in a month or two. I also think he's more ready than ever to build something with her. I'm excited by the possibilities.

Chrissy came out and spent a little time with Cowboy, too. I didn't see them do too much, but I was tacking up and prepping to get out with Z. Glad to see her spend time with him. With nicer days coming, I'm expecting she'll be developing him some more in the weeks ahead. Cowboy is doing really well.

I also spent some time with Starlet. She's struggled with her transition here. Her coat looks dull (granted, they are all transitioning to summer coats now) and she's thin. She's the lowest on the totem pole and she isn't getting enough hay. I've got her on fat supplements now to help round her back out. I need to spend more time with her and bring her around, start riding her, assessing her, and finding her a great home. I can't have 4, it's too many. But I'll do her justice and find her the best home I can. She's ready for a trim, so I'll get her done this week. I also hosed off her legs as they were a mess from her heat cycle.

I decided a few days ago to put Gem in the stall and large run. I did this for a few reasons - 1) he gets so overbearing when the mares start their heats and he planted some large bites on the herd over the last week 2) I want to develop our partnership more and I really believe that separating him from the herd some will help us find a groove 3) he's pretty fat and I want to control his intake a little more. He's ok in there. I'm going to let him out in front for exercise and I hope to get some good ground work time in the evening hours this week.

A nice day with the horsies!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fox Run with Gem

Another ride on Gem with a small group (Jess and Deb). The first 20-30 minutes were a little tough as he was nervous and excited. Once he settled down though, he was awesome!! No bucking, so real silliness, he tried so hard and he did great. I felt myself relaxing and being much softer with the reins today. He seemed to respond in kind.

He did not want to lead today, which was so interesting! He did the best in the middle spot, so we stayed there. AFter a while, we tried the rear and he was great there. However, even after he'd settled into things, he didn't want to lead. Maybe he's allowing himelf to relax some and not so hard to be brave?

Anyway, we had a great ride and he worked up a good sweat. We'll keep going and see what we have after a few more rides. Near the end, we wandered off the trail to jump a few fallen logs. Surprisingly, he left the group with ease! Now, that's progress.

I didn't get on Z today, which means she's had 4 days of rest. We'll have to make up for that time somehow next week. I need to keep building her stamina. Maybe we Gem is ready, we can pony Z on some of our rides. Just gotta keep building. We're on a great track here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A run-in with the law

I managed to get away for another conditioning ride with Z and Rain. I've got great trails in my neighborhood... well, in the neighborhood NEXT to my neighborhood. I've ridden them for years and there's a fantastic 8 mile loop that's been great for conditioning my horses. So, I went out tonight on Z and ponying Rain.

Z was quite extroverted and spirited tonight. She kicked at run a few times during our ride. She spooked from a panel laying in the grass (it was dark when we got back) and nearly unseated me. We trotted quite a bit of the ride, but I wanted a softer, more elevated trot rather than her all out, faster than a canter trot. It turned into a training ride because she was so full of energy, but we were having a great time. Rain did a better job as our pony horse tonight, too. I brought my carrot stick so I could ask her forward when she allowed pressure on the poll from the halter. She doesn't mind being dragged down the trail by the poll, so I need to ride with my stick more often to get her lighter to the halter pressure. She'd much rather stand still than move, the exact opposite of Z.

About 2/3 into the ride, I ran into some neighbors taking pictures of me from their cars (3 cars). Turns out it was the neighborhood watch group and they don't want me riding their trails. I was so annoyed and it showed. I've been riding the trails for years, but last fall (or so) someone moved into that neighborhood that wants the trail system held exclusively for their use. I told them I would no longer ride their trail system (grrrr...) and went on my way. As I got close to home, the watch was still on and a bit further on, a sheriff appeared. I got a warning ticket (again, grrr...). I'll have to find a new path for conditioning my horses. This is a tough blow as that trail system has been so good. Now, it's either riding the dirt roads in my neighborhood or trailering. Weeknights don't leave time for trailering, so I'll be riding on the roads more often. Not sure I want to take Deuce when I'm on the roads. I'll have to make some adjustments.

Z did well tonight and we'll keep building her endurance. It's time to get more trotting work done as we've had 3 good long walk rides and a trot/walk ride.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gem on the Trail!

Finally, got Gemini on the trail. I have some great friends, Lynn and Nancy, who met me at Dawson Butte. They were ready to support my first trail ride with Gem in over two years! I've ridden him a lot over the past 4 months or so as I've moved him into the primary spot and I've been dedicating my time to him to get through L4. I've lead him down trails and I've ridden him down my road, but I haven't hit a good, solid trail ride with him in over 2 years. He's done some things that have shaken my trust in him so I've avoided taking the risk.

It was time for us to get that done. I have big plans for us this year and I really need to get things going.

The ride went extremely well! He bucked twice and I was able to bring him back to me mentally pretty quickly and move on. The first bucking fit was because he didn't want to be behind the group. I wanted him to try being last some and that was tough for him. However, we worked through it and he settled into the position eventually. He also bucked later in the ride when he wanted to canter and I was asking for trot. That buck was a little more hard core - head down, round back, straight up and down. Again, I got him back pretty quickly and we moved on. My main goal is to help him understand that we are a partnership, but I own 51%. I'm the leader and if he doesn't want to trot or doesn't want to be in the back, that's ok. But he isn't going to find it easier to try to argue his way into what he wants. He's going to find that he exerts more energy but doesn't get what he's after. As long as I can ride out his bucks and stay calm, he'll learn pretty quickly that it's easier to just get along with me and look to me for a plan.

I was on top of the world after this ride. I've dreamt of getting Gem back to this place and working through building him into the best horse I can. He's well on his way and this ride was a big milestone for us. I will ride with a group a few more times and then it will be time to build him up enough for us to ride on the trail alone.

A big day for us both.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Conditioning Z

With Rain. About 4 miles just at the walk. Pretty cold and windy and Rain was not at all interested in exerting much energy. :-) Still, a nice ride with my girls and my dog Deuce. Got home just before dark.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Another "best"!

Wow!! Such huge improvements! We went back to the 45' today and Gem was a rock star. Loose line, no bee-lining for the barn, soft transitions up and down and some nice COD's. Nice sideways on the 45', also. Picked KK up from the bus stop with him and he was rock solid and confident. Kendall rode him home bareback and I wasn't worried about a thing. My trust in him continues to build.

I also took him into the round pen to work on the spin. He's getting the idea and he can do it! The circle he makes is kind of large, so we'll keep refining. He has great draw and liberty won't be very tough for us. Still determined to focus on perfecting online before I do much liberty. Had a great time with him today.

Got Rio trimmed and for the first time in as long as I can remember, all the horses are trimmed and I have a few weeks off of even thinking about trimming. Ahhh... feels good.

Trail ride with Z

I have lots of goals for my horse time this year, but one of them is to train and ride a 50 miler with Z. She's had some time off and now I'm so pleased to pick back on and work towards our next challenge. My goal will be to calmly build her stamina and fitness and get a 25 miler done by June and a 50 miler done by fall. This means we need to build slowly, but consistently.

So, started today with just a 4 mile walk. I want to build her joints and muscles so we made sure to walk up and down every hill (builds rump muscles). I thought to trot with her some, but she really wanted to move out at a gallop, so instead of managing her extroversion I decided to keep our first training ride calm and at a walk. We'll be trotting soon enough and I need to know she can maintain a trot on a loose line. I think I would have gotten her too excited working with maintain gait after all her time off today.

We had a nice, nice ride and got home just as the sun was setting. Really great to be back with Z. Next ride, I'll pony a horse and start taking advantage of getting more than one exercised at a time.

I gave her a trim, too. Her fores were quite out of balance with lots of wall on the inside. I didn't want to ask her to cover mileage on those feet, so I trimmed before we left. Trying to bring her heels up on the hinds, but not seeing a lot of change. I'm trying to lower her toe because letting her build heel height only causes flare.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finishing a program

Another amazing session with Gem! Just, WOW! Huge changes over the past 7 sessions. We played with backing straight to an obstacle until touching it. He was struggling with this a little and now he can back straight until his hock or hoof touches an obstacle!

We played with sending with softness, but with energy. We played with spanish walk, lead by the lip, ear and tail. We played with transitions on line and did lots of zone 5 driving. He's really following my focus when I'm in zone 5 now and I can weave him just a suggestion to turn from behind him. We played with bringing the hind towards OR away, depending on my body language.
He was so, so responsive today and never once gave me the LBI "why should I" response. He was obedient AND playful. Wow!

No time to ride, but I was super pleased with what I was getting on the line. We're ready to go back to the 45' now. Next session, transitions on line and maintain gait on the 45'.

Proud of my gelding!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goin' for a walk...

It was a cold, snowy day. We'd been couped up all day and I really wanted to get out and go for a walk. I talked some of the family into going so we had quite the crew walking down the horse trails. I decided to take Gem on the 12' and just see if he hit a threshold away from home. So, Kendall, Kyle, Steve, Deuce, Oscar, Junior, Gem and I made our way down the trail. We probably walked around 1.2 miles and Kendall rode Gem bareback while I lead him or drove him from zone 2/3. He was so solid and never once called or looked for home.

We passed a cross-country jumping course and I had Gem squeeze over it a few times. He really enjoys jumping and he showed up how well he jumps for the family. Luckily, I had a cookie in my pocket to thank him for his efforts.

It was a nice, easy time and another opportunity for Gem and I to build our relationship.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A long day with my herd

A great and got a whole lot done.

I trimmed Cowboy and Gem, and trimmed Rain's fores.

I rode gem - nice canter over obstacles! He was raring to go today! I know he loves to jump and he gets very forward and energized when we canter around jumping things. I will continue to develop our partnership while we jump cross-country. We also had a great ground session at the start. He did not try to leave the circle! His backup is nice and we're doing more zone 5 driving. Loving it!

I also played wth Rain at liberty. Great fun! Great expressions. She's learning to stay focused on me at liberty in the round pen. I love her face and seeing her play!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Executing on a program

Spent some time with Gem online today. I wanted to focus on cantering circle game as he's been trying to gallop off the circle and to the barn when cantering on the 45'. I want to develop our circle game so the rope has slack and even drags.

It was a great session and I was able to "be there" at the right time to support the game and keep him from splitting. I played with setting him up to try to leave the circle and then let him run into the end of the line. It was a great session for both of us - breaking a pattern and rethinking strategies.

The day before, with all the sweat, definitely made an impression and he didn't try nearly as hard to gallop off today.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beginning a program

I started out with the idea of just playing with Gem online. I had a little time and I've been missing the horses. I'm shaking off the cobwebs of winter and the weather is not too bad, so I'm finding times to steal away and develop my horses in short spurts.

We goofed off a little, but moved quickly into circle game. Gem decided, when I asked him to transition into the canter, to try to gallop and then take the line with him to the barn. I have watched this pattern develop and I decided in the last session that I needed to go back to the 22' so I could be better prepared to break this cycle.

He tried pretty quickly to get away, but I was ready and let him hit the end of the line. I'd quickly ask him to change direction and try again. It became a game of galloping on the circle in each direction and then he would slam on the brakes and try to win the game by getting the line loose. He got away once, but the rest of his attempts resulted in a hurried change of direction (my decision) and a canter/gallop off.

I waited for the change.

Finally, he was quite sweaty and frothy, but he made a full circle at a working canter and I praised him, gave him a cookie and took him to the barn. I could see his wheels turning in his head. He was trying to figure out what his next move should be and he got it. It was easier to do the right thing. The right thing was to maintain gait and direction. It was a pivotal moment for our circle game development and I felt like we'd made a positive change together.

Only way to know for sure? See what happens tomorrow... We'll follow through for 7 sessions to make a program.