Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick session with Z

Had a really great, short session with Z. I had about 90 minutes to grain, feed, muck and play. With 6 horses needing care, 90 mins is not much time. I ran through the graining process, mucked the important areas and invited Z into the barn. She's been very happy to see me lately! We are in a great place with our partnership and I'm focusing on the L3 freestyle riding.

I had about 30 minutes to tack her up and take her out. She was super accomodating as I tacked her up with no line on and then backed her out of the barn. I then led her to the front door of the house because Kendall needed me to help her pick the dress to wear to dinner with her uncle. She stepped out on the porch with her two dresses and tried them both on and I gave my opinion.

25 minutes left...

We practiced bridleless isolation of the ends, then we did some wtc up and down the hills, we stopped at 2 obstacles for some bridleless figure 8 and then some follow the rail with trot/walk transitions. It was fantastic and we ended a positive and happy note!

Maybe all our sessions should be that short! She was happy to leave the barn with me and didn't have her mind on the herd behind her.

Great little session! I've got to get some time with Cowboy tomorrow.

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