Sunday, October 11, 2009

2nd Go-Round on Sunday

After missing Saturday completely due to kids b-day parties, coooold temps and snow, I was pretty gung-ho today. So this is my 2nd post of the day...

I wanted to ride Mr. Gemini on my new pattern course with the question box. Wow! He was awesome! His stop got soooo good and his canter depart from the halt was soft and nice. Gemini has a talent for getting me to work harder than he does, so it was amazing to feel him anticipate the question box, keep his energy up for it and stop in it with the slightest suggestion. Wow.

We did figure 8's and circling the barrel, also. He was really a great partner today. I tried to open the gate with him, but he is not sensitive enough to my leg. We worked on moving the fore and hind w/o reins and I'm starting to build to bridleless riding with him. Before I rode, we worked on circles cantering and he's getting better about maintaining gait. We practiced trotting sideways on a fence and falling leaf at the canter. I rode him around the yard and house first before going into the arena for the pattern work. He didn't want to go down the driveway and I decided not to stretch him that way today. Why? Dunno - just didn't seem like the way to go today.

I never got to ride Rain today and I didn't get any feet trimmed because an old friend came to visit. I've got multiple hooves needing attention and Rain needs some work. I'll try for tomorrow.

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