Saturday, November 20, 2010

More fun with Jess!

Rain, Starlet - loaded them up and drove to Jess' place. It was a great day and the girls were a breeze to load and go.

Deuce and Rain moving cows - a huge herd of big angus heffers were at Jess' property line, so Rain, Deuce and I played with pushing the cows. Deuce was afraid at first, but he got more courage as we went. Rain LOVES pushing cows and she was all in from the start. Really enjoyed her!

Starting Starlet on 7 games. Starlet no likey cows. She was afraid and was quite RB most of the time. She didn't like seeing Rain walk away while she stayed tied to the trailer. She is a horse of course, but I hope to grow her confidence over time so she's more courageous on her own.

COWS! are fun. I need some.

Jess rode Kade and they are looking pretty good. Glad to see Jess make progress with her horse.

It was a great day.

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