Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introducing Natural Horsemanship

I had the opportunity to show a friend from work my horses, my setup and how I train my horses. It was a wonderful day for both of us. He was enlightened and entertained, my horses were great examples of why this method works so well and he even got to ride Z bareback for a few minutes. It was probably the most fun I've had with horses in a while because I got to spend several hours. I blew off work and I'll pay for it later, but it's ok. I needed to have a day like that for my mental health and well-being.


Parelli Central said...

Yep, my horses are my sanity... I so understand where you're coming from!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

Christy said... happy for you with all that you do! You are the busiest person I know..and yet you still find time to train and build relationships. Incredible! You need a cape.

Tia Jones said...

Ha, thanks Christy! I owe a lot of my success to my husband. He makes it all possible. I couldn't do it w/o him.