Monday, February 21, 2011

Building a relationship with Gem

Wow, we've come a ways together. I haven't gotten to spend much time, but it's amazing how good sessions can have some time in between because the learning sticks.

Did some nice ground work, lead by the hock, lip, ear, spanish walk and then some circle game with transitions and changes of direction. Also, did some Z3 driving. Then, I hopped on and we went down the driveway. I promised to spend time with Kendall, so I just wanted to ride him down the driveway and back. My awesome gelding got to the end of the driveway and did not want to turn around! I turned him around and he'd choose to turn back to head out. I wish I'd had time to see how far he'd go! I just don't have time the last few months, but I have huge ideas for the spring and summer. Gem and I are going to have a remarkable year.

Kendall wanted to see him rear, so I showed her and he did a great! I'm learning to control that action (rearing) and tell him when I'd like it and when I don't. He's doing great.

Starlet seems to be moving better, but left her in anyway.

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