Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6 miles with Z

It's time to get serious about conditioning Z. With my walking, I have a lot of opportunity to bring her along and walk some, ride some. Today, I took her for 6 miles and I walked 3 and rode 3. I walked the first 3, straight out from home. I then got on to ride back. Well, Z had a little more interest in going home than I expected and I ended up with a lot of horse under me! I had Deuce and the sun was setting fast. For a minute, I thought I had gotten myself in a jam.

I called Steve to come get Deuce as I was worried about it getting dark and cars whizzing by on the dirt road. I then went to work on Z partnering up with s-bends and sidepassing. After about 1/2 mile, she was with me and good to go. We came home in the dark, but the moon was so full we still had a shadow. Z was so great after the initial few minutes and I just love that mare. I asked her to trot some and she went straight into her ground-covering extended trot. Boy, that mare can fly!

I had boots on her fronts - her frogs are a little unhealthy right now. Hoping to turn those frogs around quickly with white lightening gel treatments, trimming and keeping them extra clean.

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