Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stella #17

Met Wendy today for Stella's session. Played in the indoor at first, due to a cold breeze. Started online and played with different levels of energy to get more info on the motivation behind her pinned ears. I truly believe it's lack of confidence because she's the best when I'm super clear. When I'm softer, she pins her ears more. I'll keep working on that.

Then some liberty, but she had very little tension and was able to trot circles vs. her normal very fast canter. She also was listening and ready to come in as soon as I asked. Cool.

Rode her at all gaits, played with leg pressure and figuring out some more on tail swishing. Tried Wendy's saddle to see if it made any difference, not sure it did. She just needs more comfort under saddle in my opinion. Then, rode her out on the front pasture, looking for herd or barn sweetness - none!!  She did great. Really enjoying her progress.

Played in the obstacles to end it. Tractor tire was easier, but needs much more work. Mailbox, hanging obstacle, teeter totter...  not bad, but lots to improve on.

Good session.

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