Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stella #21 and #22

Had 2 great sessions focused on her confidence and connection.  Stella made some super nice changes in these 2 sessions.  I played at liberty, slowing things down so she could respond to me while feeling sure of everything.  She was able to circle me at liberty at the walk and I was able to draw her in off the circle with ease.

Her ear-pinning is a direct reflection of her confidence, I believe.  As I get to know her and her needs, I'm able to change the way I play with her to help grow her from the inside out.  I am not a believer in responding directly to various feedback (ears-pinned, tail swishing, stomping...).  If we tell our horse to not express themselves, we lose the opportunity to grow them in the way they need to grow.  They lose their voice.  I want horses that are content and comfortable in their tasks with me and know they can express it when they're not.

Did sideways, transitions, began to teach her down transition using the carrot stick and "laser-beam".  She is easily left to feel stifled and shut down, so playing with communications where she can continue forward and doesn't feel the need to disconnect.

Pretty pleased!

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