Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lesson with Kime

Had a 3-hour lesson with Kime today. The wind was just crazy, so we loaded up and went to a friends indoor arena. It’s a little small, but w/o the wind, we were able to get a whole lot done. The important thing is that I can apply all my new learning to the younger horses. Additionally, Z and I are nearly ready for some L4 ground filming. I’m excited to start filming L4!

Z - zone 5 driving
- from both sides, focus where we're turning! Maintain my zone position, try moving from right to left from zone 5, use the correct end of the stick, lower my phases. Be very clear about where my belly button is pointing. Expect her to follow my belly button and be ready to correct. Z picked this up within a couple minutes and I was amazed at how she could tell which direction to go with me in zone 5. We’re nearly ready for L4 Online audition.

We also worked on the spin. In the end, I had a couple nice spins at liberty. I started her on the rail using the line, wrapping it so that it would unwind as she spun. Big Tip – pass the stick BEHIND my back with the draw so that I don’t inadvertently block her. With the last turn away, use enough energy to get her to trot out. She did so great and our relationship was proven. She was trying and happy and not afraid. Love my horse!

Gem- COD-give him more help on his hard side. Sideways, keep my hand lower for softer phases, raise for high phases. Gems right hip doesn't move, practiced rock slide. For more help, walk up the line towards him to make it more and more clear.

Z riding - FTR, use rabbit ear reins. I was caught neck-reining! Doh! This is what working in a vacuum gets you… bad habits. I wasn’t even realizing I was doing it. Be particular about our track on the rail. Make sure I have straight lines and arches.

Lift my inside hip for the lead!! Don't put my leg on the outside. Lean back and spank. If she doesn't transition down, use a direct rein to take her into circle. She should transition down in 2 strides! Don't let her cut corners. FTR until she's committed. Ask for the lead just before the straight in the arch or corner. She's already lined up for the lead then, and bent correctly.

Gem riding - get the back up w/o reins first! He's RBI when under saddle. This was the most RBI behavior I’ve ever noticed. Deuce was next to us and a couple times he hit the wall with his tail. Gem flinched just like an RBI. He was so stressed. Go sloooow and use 1 rein until the bit is not an issue. His past gets him under saddle, have to build the confidence and trust.
First. Round pen, 1 rein, practice the basics, move the fore and hind, walk trot transitions, backup. I can’t show him this season until we’re past this. He doesn’t trust when mounted. We have lots of work to do. Someone really did a number on him under saddle.

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