Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dressage Lesson with Gem

A quick, but great lesson. Gemini did well for me. We worked mainly on going more forward and stretching into the bit. We also worked on building softness into the ribs and getting his body more collected. He was a little rigid and not very round tonight. Although, his canter felt especially soft and he really was trying to trot with a nice stride.

My practice plan: serpentines all the way across the arena and focus on maintaining rhythm through the turn, keeping him up through the turn, no leaning or getting heavy on the fore and bending around my leg.

The CSI pad with my english saddle was very nice for Gem! He had a happy back and no issues with the tack setup. Good! I do think I need to switch to the true CSI english pad, though. The sportcut pad is too large for my english saddle.

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