Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting Reka caught!

Had a long day at work, but went straight to Reka to continue working on getting her haltered and caught. I decided the halter at liberty was going to take too long and I needed to get her caught before she learned to be more wary of my attempts. I used my 12', made a loop and got it over her heard. Then I put a few knots in the right places so the rope wouldn't get too tight on her neck or too loose that she'd step in the loop. This was a surprise to her and I know we kicked up quite a lot of dust through this.

She learned quickly that she could leave me and lose me. So I attached my 22' line to the 12'. This way, she could run off but there'd be enough rope to continue my work w/o her losing me. I played with asking her to leave off and hiding her hiney. The neck didn't quite allow me enough leverage. I realized I was going to need my trusty mare Zarah to help me get this job done.

I called it a night with a different plan for tomorrow.

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