Sunday, September 5, 2010

Steve rides Rain!?

Boy, I felt tired this morning. It was a full couple of days with Nanni and new horses and the stress of demo-ing. I has planned to spend time with the kids and take a mental break from the horses. However, the kids were with my sister so Steve and I spent the day alone and running errands.
more catch me game with baby. I started with more catching game with Reka, then Steve and I took off for some time together.

When we got back, Steve had agreed to ride with me!?! I tacked up the girls and Steve and I took a trail ride of a few miles together. He looked the best he's looked on a horse ever. He was more relaxed and more in harmony with Rain than I've ever seen. Rain was fine and Z was my great girl, as usual. It was windy, but we went to the ravine and had a nice ride.

I just couldn't take a whole day away from horses... It's an illness, I guess.

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