Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another active day!

I started on Gem today. We did trot and canter ppl around obstacles on the property. I have only done trot ppl outside the arena on Gem, so it was a good step to move to the canter. He loves to jump, so that makes canter ppl especially interesting. He'll decide last minute to go over instead of around the obstacles. We rode in the front pasture, around the playground and around the arena. Then, we rode off with no issues around the east of the kreitzers and up the road. No threshold issues whatsoever. I was so glad I didn't push him yesterday - I'm sure we would have had threshold issues if I'd not honored them the session before.

Deb came over and rode her 2 horses again today, as well.

Starlet - I brought her into the arena and we did ppl at the trot. We started to build more lateral flexion in the rope halter. She felt so nice!! I'm ready to work her more into my riding routine. She's ready and acclimated to her changed lifestyle here with my herd. She looks amazing - muscled, shiny coat, good weight... she's ready for something more.

Z - we did some arena riding today. FTR at the trot, snaky bends at trot, some ppl at canter. She was moving quick today at first, but seemed to settle and get more even impulsion quickly.

Chrissy rode Cowboy 3 different times! Throughout the day, I'd coach her and we built on yo-yo, then some circling around obstacles or me, then a little passenger at the walk. Huge steps, Cowboy was great for her. I tried to find the right times to ask her to quit. She'd quit, but then want to do more a while later. So she pulled him out 3 different times and really made great progress. Good for her!

Kendall also got some more time riding. This time, she wanted to ride Z over the obstacles like she did yesterday on Rain. I explained that Z is a much different horse - faster and more spirited. I think Kendall really understood what I meant after we got started. She did well and she was in a saddle this time. She got scared once or twice, but we ended on a very high note. Z jumped unexpectedly at one point which surprised both me and Kendall! Kendall did great though, her seat is solid and she just needs to let her desire grow. She talks about riding some, but I think the desire isn't really very strong right now. Still, it's great time with my daughter and horses.

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