Saturday, May 7, 2011

The journey with Starlet begins...

I had only a little time but decided to spend it with Starlet. I haven't done much with her since she got here and I really need to get her higher up on my priority list.

The ground work started nicely. She was extroverted at first and a bit over-reactive, super sensitive. But it took very little time for her to calm and get with me. I was pleasantly surprised.

I was a little concerned about having her in the western saddle, mainly because I'm not sure how comfortable she is with the rear cinch. I found myself wanted to take a little caution, as she has gone a year without being ridden.

I took her into the round pen and had Steve stand watch just in case. She was just fine. We walked and trotted and got to know each other a little. I didn't ride long, just enough to get a feel for where she is about going back to work. It felt nice to do something with this wonderful, athletic mare. I plan to do more with her over the summer.

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