Friday, September 30, 2011

Dressage Practice and Chrissy rides!!

OK, my first show is coming up fast! I realized today that I REALLY need to get these tests memorized! I finished work and tacked up my pretty gelding for some time in the arena. We tried to ride in the indoor but he needs some more time to get used to it. I didn't want to waste daylight, so we headed to the outdoor. I worked on teaching him to stretch down in the trot, left lead canter (oh no! where'd our left lead canter go?!), and trot/canter transitions. Transitioning down is not so smooth, he wants to slam on the brakes (not a dressage move at all!). OK, Tia... breathe...

Chrissy came out with Cowboy, too. She played a little on the ground and then hopped on him. So happy to see her get on! She seemed less nervous and I believe she took some trot strides. She's mounted up only a few times this year. Hopefully, she'll find more time to get out and hang with Cowboy, maybe work through some of the riding troubles. Great to see her hop on!

Nice evening. Got to go review those tests now.

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