Thursday, September 22, 2011

Practicing Dressage and Playing with Starlet

I was able to leave work early enough to play with some dressage techniques with Gem today! Love it. We played with cantering (just maintain the canter) simple lead changes (trot change on the diagonal) and left lead canter departs. He actually started to hurry, which is just amazing! I'm playing with my own way of getting him round by slightly lifting one rein. I'm hoping to refine this gesture enough that he can feel for me, get round and a judge will never see that I've lifted my rein slightly. He has become so willing and softer all the time. I am so impressed by this horse. I also look forward to our first show in a couple weeks!!

After Gem, I pulled Starlet out to play online for a bit. I asked her for some circles, some squeeze over jumps and some falling leaf, all on the 22'. She surprised me by being appreciate of the leadership and came trotting in every chance she could. She is such a nice mare. Someone is coming to look at her and may find her to be a good match, but when I play with her I feel sad at the thought of not keeping her. I know I don't need 4 horses. Three horses is really too many, but I will always have my 3 as long as they live.

The days are getting so short!! I need my arena lights in quickly.

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