Sunday, December 11, 2011

Starting Elli

I went down to Yoder today to ride with Kime and Jess. I didn't take a horse, I planned to play with Ellie, Jess' TB.

Kime gave me some great coaching and we had a fantastic, stress-free first ride. I did it bareback with a 12' line as 1 rein. Things to remember: get my waist on her spine. Have her maintain the responsibility of being at the mounting block. A great first ride for Ellie and for me as well. Soft, quiet... I was a passenger for a bit, then made sure she could handle the rope going over her head for me to change reins. After that was clearly a non-issue, I played with direct and indirect rein. She was amazing.

I started the day on the ground with her. We had some great moments online. I was able to teach her to jump half way over a 2' log in just a few minutes. She's super smart. I really enjoy playing with this horse!

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