Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trimming and riding a new horse

Today was a pretty cool day. My friend Jen came up from Co. Springs so that we could talk about trimming approaches. She's advancing her skills as a natural trimmer and wanted another perspective. She got a chance to see the property and the indoor, too. We trimmed Z together and I pulled my hoof meter reader out to see how we were doing. It was fun to think about basics and test my skills against a measuring tool. We were able to give Z a nice trim. She was not very helpful for trim time and I realized I haven't done much with her in a while. She was worried about being away from the herd. Doh - time to spend more time and get our relationship back in order.

After that, I had an appointment with my dressage instructor to try out a horse. His name was Irish and he's a 7 yr old Sporthorse (WB cross of some sort). He's a gorgeous gray with lots of black points, about 16'2". He's been ridden by dressage trainers for about a year now. He needed a lot of contact as that's what he's been trained to do. He had huge movement and I really enjoyed riding him! I had to slow him down and get him in a frame before I could handle his trot. I was all over the place before that. His canter is lovely, however. He covers some serious ground with all his gaits. I imagine he'd be great all the trail as well. He was a very nice horse, guessing an LBI. He had some nice curiosity, but horses aren't really allowed to show curiosity in the world of dressage. I imagine in a world with less rules, a real personality would emerge. I was literally sweaty from riding him for about 30 minutes. What a lot of work he is, but boy would he be great for dressage. I'll be thinking about it for sure.

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