Saturday, April 21, 2012

Endurance Season 2012 Begins!!

Rode the Kenlyn today with my great friend, Melissa!  The weather was perfect and the ride was even more perfect.  My horse is not in top condition, so I wanted to take it slow.  I got a very late start leaving the house and was hustling to get registered and ready to ride.  We left about 5 minutes after the group and ended up going the wrong way for about 2 miles (1 mile out, 1 back).  We lost 30 -45 minutes but we were both planning to have a low stress ride and didn't let it bother us.

The first loop on this 25 mile race is about 17.5 miles.  This was a lot for Zarah and felt guilty for not having prepared her better.  However, she got almost all A's on her vet card (B for gut sounds) at the midway vet check and she seemed ok.  I got her a good mash and water and hay and she ate for about 45 minutes before it was time to go again.  

She did NOT want to go again!  She was very resistant and we had to have quite a discussion before we got going.  Kholo was the same for Melissa, unfortunately.  Once we got going she was ok, though.  Of course, she hauled butt coming back in on the 2nd loop and we did lots of cantering so we could make it in time to get a completion.  For the first time in my life, I got the TURTLE AWARD!  I was the very last finisher as Kholo pulsed down a few seconds before Z.  

I would do it all again.  I had a blast with Melissa, I love being with my horse, the weather was amazing and the challenge was awesome.  I'm looking forward to a great 2012 of 50's starting in July.  Z and I have some training to do!  

I love my life.  

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