Monday, April 23, 2012

Level 4 Online with Z

It's been a while since I've played with Z online with good intention.  I've got the Parelli black string in my sights and I'm playing with Gem and Z to see who is more ready.  Z and I had a great session today!  We did selected canter leads from zone 5, sideways from zone 5 and very nice backups.  I started playing wtih getting her to jump 1/2 way over the barrel. That is incredibly hard for her!!  She can do it with a 1 ft high obstacle, but not a barrel.  I think she was starting to get the idea so we'll build on that.  We loaded into the trailer from the fender at a trot.  And I finished up the session working on the bow with her.  She's bowing all the way, so I'll transition that into laying down over the next couple sessions.  She's doing great.  Just great!  Probably ahead of Gem and I'll get to filming with her in a week or two.

I also got her feet trimmed.  She's exfoliating sole like crazy so I'm betting I'll be trimming again in 2 weeks.  Great time with her!

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