Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Session #2 with Stella

She started out calm and ready today. Really nice!  Started out with some touch it game, a little tarp work and then some isolated ends. She was being so calm and responsive, so moved on to some friendly on the circle. Again, a non-issue. Then moved on to some zone 2 driving. This is very challenging for her, which explains tension with a rider. She is the most comfortable with me in zone 1, so this is where I decided to develop her for the day. I used my 22' and worked my way back to zone 5. She was extremely bothered with the rope, with me behind, with the whole thing.

We played with yo-yo game from zones 2, then further and further back until I could see a change in her comfort level. She began to understand that she was ok and that she could do what I was asking. I'll be working a lot here to build her confidence.

We played some stick to me at liberty, as well. She is staying with me longer and longer. Her tension builds though, and I can see her sort of running out of confidence. No problem, we'll build that up.

She is looking to me for answers a ton and asking lots of questions, great stuff!

She is nearly ready for riding development. Her back is much better from her trailer incident. Starting to see a horse that could be trustworthy. Great session with this cute mare. 

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