Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Session #3 with Stella

This session, the owner was there to watch and hopefully get some footage of Stella doing her thing. The weather was great, so decided to take her to the outdoor arena. It would be her first time there and it's the largest of all the places I've played with her.

She had trouble connecting and it took her some time to think that might be an option. Once she connected and stood with me, I tried to ask her to stay longer while we walked. Her lack of confidence would win over and she would never stay for more than 15 or 20 seconds.

We went for a while today and she worked fairly hard, but made some nice changes along the way. She was staying longer and liberty and coming back to me sooner and sooner.

Her disconnection is my primary focus and it's where I'll be spending most of my time until she starts to come around.

Online, I played with stick to me and isolated ends. She is learning to be calm and responsive online and Hoping that will support her liberty over time.

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