Monday, October 13, 2008

4 hours with Terry Wilson


1) Fixed sideways by: being more particular, asking for more impulsion, sideways at the trot, sideways from barrel to barrel. Got the sideways for the L3 task after 30 mins.

2) Fixed our back up: that broke a few weeks ago. Slapped her hind end for more impulsion. She was lacking respect. Doh!

3) Did transitions with more meaning - got lots of elevation and impulsion. Just being too nice about things. Raise hand and correct her if she ever goes past it!

4) Started asking for a hind qtr yield with her head facing the opposite direction as her hind was traveling. Get a step or two and move on.

5) Practiced moving the hind, then following through with the fore on the rail. Keeping hands in small "box" and asking for vertical collection

6) Half-passing - set up a pattern along the rail with barrels/cones on the rail and on an inner track. Half-pass from rail marker to inner marker and rest. As horse gets the idea, move to the trot. This was tough and Z is very out of balance, one side is much softer than the other.

7) Terry set up large box with barrels and a pattern where you half-pass from one corner to the opposite, trot past, square around and half-pass in the other direction. Tough pattern. Terry got on my horse and tried this one with her.

8) Sideways on circle with me in the middle, Z5 in front of me, asking her to go sideways around me (like a tire spoke, horse moving from spoke to spoke)

9) Played with question box. Liked it - need to set one up for myself.

10) Need to keep taking up more and more of the reins - still giving too much.

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