Saturday, October 11, 2008

Playing in the rain!

Well, not really. Stuck in the barn with a few hours to dedicate is more like it. Still, there's plenty Z and I can accomplish in the barn aisle. I just have to get creative, which typically I don't suck at. :-) Today, I took about 45 mins to give her a nice trim. The front left didn't please me when we were done, but the others looked pretty darn good. I have to watch the hinds. She's had true bull-noses on the hinds and I finally know how to fix it. Now I have to be sure the toes don't get too long. I'm so thrilled that I can do this myself now. Absolutely thrilled.

We practice lead by the lip getting it softer, then played with getting her to sidepass to the stool I stood on for mounting (she's great at this now) and then yo-yo from walk to backup w/o reins and bareback. It was a nice, rewarding and calm session. Once I put her in the stall, she stood and looked at me for a moment through the bars - almost asking me if we were done. I didn't act, just stood and watched to see what she'd do. After a few moments, she walked into the run and waited. I wondered if she was waiting to see if I was truly finished goofing off with her. She looked back, then she walked out onto the track with the others - back to the hay under the shade shelter with Rain and Gemini.

I feel like I'm starting to be able to read her mind a little. There is no secret better kept than that between a man (or woman!) and his horse.

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