Monday, October 20, 2008

8 miles on the trail

Did a nice ride on Rain and ponying Gemini. Both are fat! Have to cut down on the grain I've switched to. Lots of cantering, and a full-out gallop.

Rain was very nervous going through the gulley (same place she normally gets nervous). Gemini had a hard time staying in his spot and snatching grass with no feel for me at the end of his halter. He does not have a soft feel. Rode Rain mostly w/o reins. All body and stick cueing. Makes ponying easier for sure. However, we need to work on down transitioning. She's not clear what my down transition means. Should be easy to build on as she'd rather walk anyway. :-)

Both of them have better looking feet. Rains hoof walls grow fast and I need to trim her every 2 weeks, I think. Want to build a more conical shape.

I need to ride Gemini, but lately I always manage to find something else to do besides ride him :-( I'm not afraid, just not up for the hassle. He needs the exercise!

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