Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Better Hooves

My "hoof care coach" came by to check out my work today. She gave me some good feedback and said if she hadn't come to check out my work, my horses would be fine with what I'm doing. HOWEVER, I need to get into more advanced bar trimming and understanding how to influence growth to get beautiful hooves growing.

All the horses had too much bar. We covered knife usage and getting the bar correct. Rain has a very steep inner wall and we talked about what I can do to influence more correct growth. For her, I'll work on helping the inner wall expand. How? Crap, I forget. I'll email Gail.

Gemini has the most amount of overgrown bar, really wrapping around the apex. He also has some concavity developing and I have to promote that with great bar maintenance.

Rain's toes were long in the hinds. I learned how to use my nippers to nip the toe and how to create the mustang roll with nippers.

Z has pancake hinds and we talked about the coffin bone placement and how important it is for Z's hind toes to never get long. There's a confirmation problem with her that has not been diagnosed, but her hind feet are saying something is wrong.

A good visit and I'm learning and getting better at natural hoof trimming.

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