Monday, November 24, 2008

An hour with Nina!

I'm tasked with playing with Nina two times/month for an hour each. I also trim her hooves, which really need to be soaked (they are thrushy). A couple of my horses have thrushy feet.

Anyway, I took her out and we played with the trailer, did some sideways, squeeze over obstacles, backing, and just general foundational building stuff. She is pretty comfortable with the trailer and there was lots of hay in there from my last adventure to help give her a good incentive. She does not like to "jump" things, she prefers to walk over them or not go over them at all. I have GOT to put something to jump on the track. ARRGGGH!!

I then took her into the round pen and played with the ball. She could probably have a lot of fun with that thing! She mouthed it and I asked her to push it around. All pretty easy. Then, I asked her to hold it on her back - a good prep to having a rider up there. She was fine with it. Absolutely fine. She's a neat filly. And she's HUGE! I bet she'll hit 17 hh.

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