Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Days getting shorter...

Wow - dark at 8:30 :-( I don't like summer heat but I love long days. Tonight I worked until 7pm. I'm making up for 2 four-day weekends in a row. Chrissy was trying to play with Lakota and incorporate some of her new knowledge from the clinic she audited. She audited 3 of the 4 days (pretty cool!) of Dave Ellis and I know her mind must be reeling.

Lakota was giving her the "what-for" as she walked out with a new mission and a different attitude. She said he even warned her with a hip and raised leg. That made her a little nervous and so I finished work and came out to help. She and Lakota are just coming to a place where she's got to step it up. I took her horse for a bit and just got him thinking about partnering instead of dominating. Then, I helped her with isolating the ends softly and quietly - while ready to back up her request. Then, she circled and I made sure she disengaged nicely on the bring-back.

Finally, I helped her get a nice respectful backup. Backing and sideways are the way to go for a horse like hers. Chrissy is still figuring out how to be the leader in her herd of two and Lakota is starting to think maybe he should take over. She'll be fine. She's getting it and coming along just fine. She'll keep finding the strength inside and show it to her horse.

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