Sunday, August 2, 2009

A quick trail ride with Kendall

And a really fun one! She wanted to move out quickly and I get protective of her. I like things to stay controlled and managed so I can keep my baby girl safe. She, however, wants to fly down the trail! We did a lot of trotting and she was having a blast. It made me smile to see her having so much fun. Rain was, as always, the perfect trail horse for Kendall. Z was doing a great job of staying calm in the faster gaits - she normally becomes a rocket with just a small request for a faster gait.

When we got back, I gave Chrissy a riding lesson - more just supporting her and Cowboy in the arena. She's doing a great job with him and they simply need the time now to find their groove on their own - without me. Still, I'm happy to throw tips her way but now it's about developing her own feel for Cowboy. They rode until it was too dark to see and I wished I had my camera. Her riding against the setting sun and then the pink sky of dusk was gorgeous.

Before the ride with Kendall and Rain, I spent some good time with Gemini. We went into the arena and practiced transitions and follow the rail. We did some cloverleaf and eventually practiced bending at the trot (Josh Lyons method). I took him out and found a place for him to eat grass while I sat on his back. He was good and calm and something then spooked him and he bucked a little. I stayed on and we were ok. I was even really afraid - a bit excited for the moment, but otherwise ok. I rode him around for a while longer, stopped and trimmed his front hooves, then rode him some more. It was a good development time for he and I. I wish he was ready for the trail so I could take him on this camping trip.

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