Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Harmony with Gem and Cloverleafs

Cloverleaf with Gem, both directions at least 20 mins each way. Harmony, soft, really nice! All gaits. I realized that I can ride Gem in so much more harmony at the canter than Z. Actually, the harmony is better at all gaits. Because he's LB, thinking, even at higher speeds. Z is not always doing that.

Then, up and down the driveway at a walk. Chrissy following on Lakota/Cowboy. Her horse is bracey, tried to give her some help, but she's got to find a place of resolve and assertiveness she hasn't found yet. She's doing great, either way.

Gem was amazing and calm and willing. I've never ridden him alone to the gate. That was a first for us. He would have gone farther. I let him eat grass for quite a while at the gate. He was content and satisfied with me on his back. So interesting.

Then, Z for some cloverleaf at trot and canter. In rope halter, Z was braced and RB. I rode her each direction until she started to think again. How interesting. She goes RB at the canter and we have to get out of that pattern. Poor girl - I've missed that. We know what to do for our coming sessions. I also focused on making sure my thighs aren't tight at the canter. I felt a change and more awareness of what I do when I ride Z at faster gaits. I have to relax more too... for both of us.

Oh, and I have saddle sores. I've been riding too much. So funny.

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