Sunday, January 31, 2010

Breezy and cool horse day

Gem - great ground and liberty work. Ride for 10 mins, felt tense and tried to walk off the tension. Decided to hop off since I'm home alone. It was interesting to feel him tense. I haven't ridden him in weeks and I'm sure that's why. We just recently got back to groundwork as well. I realize I'm not quite as brave as I was before my accident. I would say I'm 85% back. A few more months and I'm sure the accident will be far behind me.

Z- more rail. She was much better to the right this time. The CSI pad slipped forward again, tried a thick and thin shim and obviously that's no good. I'm going back to just a thick. I find that when I ask for a canter depart with the lead, she interprets my leg on the outside to mean to move sideways. I'm not getting just a hind yield. We need to practice that to get the leads more crisp and correct.

Tina - We worked in the round pen with the flank rope - no bucking going left, still a good amount going right. Then we played the catching game. She so easily gets wary so I'm working hard to preserve whatever confidence I can in me and in herself. I'm trying to move her forward more slowly lately, doing things long enough for her to feel confidence in the task. The extreme friendly is much better. I'll also continue to build more draw - that will help her with confidence in me, her human.

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