Saturday, March 20, 2010

A cold and snowy Saturday in March

Spent time with Nina, just prepping her for riding tomorrow. Good ground work, looking for positive responses to my body language. She did well, got a little excited but overall, a good positive session. The footing was tough and I tried to keep her energy down so she wouldn't slip and hurt herself.

Tina - I tacked her up and planned to ride her but decided the footing wasn't good enough. Had a great time with desensitizing her to ropes around her hind legs, very improved catching game, extreme friendly, standing on pedestals, figure 8's. She was calm and attentive. Getting on her tomorrow when the ground is more firm.

Zarah - really wanted to ride Z too, but again, the footing didn't support the idea. Played with her at liberty, practiced DE's way of transitioning down (laser beam). She was starting to understand and she was definitely more interested in solving this puzzle than our normal way of doing things. Is it better than how I normal do transitions at liberty? Yes, because it causes my horse to think and solve the problem vs responding the same old way. It's advanced and she needs advanced to stay engaged. Her Spanish Walk is beautiful, need to move it to the saddle now. At the end of our liberty, the cat was hanging around and I put him on Z's back while I talked to Chrissy. For about 30 mins, he curled up on her back and slept, I stroked Z everywhere while she napped and Chrissy and I had a good chat. A great, low-stress way to end the horse day.

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