Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Riding Tina

Rode Tina - didn't want too much time to go by after our trip. We had a great warm-up. I mounted from both sides twice before swinging a leg over. She was fine. Nice lateral flexion and we walked off. I have to admit that our accident was on my mind. It will take a few rides to put that behind me.

I asked for a trot a few times but mostly spent time turning her at the walk and following the rail. She did great and I think I'm the one that has to get past our incident. Another ride our two and we'll get back to cantering.

She's going to be just fine. So glad I took her to California.

I wanted to also ride Z, but I had so many chores to get done. Still needed to unpack the truck, clean out the trailer, fix fence, sweep the barn... A storm is coming and 6-12" of snow are expected. Time to prepare for a classic Colorado spring storm.

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