Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 1 - Dave Ellis

The journey was long, long and especially long. 22 hours in the car.

But we unloaded horse about 4am and slept in the trailer for about 4 hours. We then got settled, met the apprentice Sarah from Australia and the ranch manager, Matt.

Went home, showered, caught our breath, then went back so I could ride a little and take care of the horses. We jammed it to the airport to get Chancellor and made it back in time for fast food and bed. Whoa - tired!

Ride on Z was good - she was having issues leaving Tina and I had quite a right brained horse on my hands by the end. I was able to manage her with just a rope around her neck (no halter), but she was quite upset and not feeling like my partner at all. Good! An opportunity!

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