Friday, December 3, 2010

Quick liberty session with Gem

Had a little bit of time before the sun went down and took Gem to the round pen. Played with the spin, spanish walk, the rear a bit, and some circling. My gorgeous Z mare was standing outside the round pen, waiting to come in. Honestly, I was shocked. She could have been anywhere on our 35 acres and she stood outside the liberty pen gate. So I asked her in and she stuck to me while I played with Gem. I had them both sticking to me after a minute or so and Z and I played with close circling. I miss playing with her - she's such a fantastic mare. She must have liked liberty work more than I realized. I hope she's enjoying her time off to just be a horse, but sometimes I feel like she wants to be taken out for some play. I planned to ride her once a week during her mini-retirement, but I haven't done that. I hope to get good riding time over the Christmas holiday.

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