Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gem and Rain

I started with Rain, worked on her feet a little more, and then took her on another short ride with Chrissy and Cowboy. She was so great! We played with opening the gate a little and we've conquered the flat bridge. She didn't want to stand on the flat brigde and I've spent a few sessions helping her gain confidence with it. She's solid there now, which is nice to see.

Gem has been trying to get my attention, which is so darn cute. He's there and ready to be haltered every time. Today, he hung his head over the fence and stared while I tacked up Rain. :-) I decided I'd make sure to bring him out and play with some bridleless riding. And we did! After the short ride with Rain and Chrissy, I brought him out. I tacked him up, trimmed him up a little, and we went into the arena. We worked on isolated ends, bridleless backup, a little passenger lesson and transitions. He felt so great today!! He's becoming more sensitive and light, which I love. I really want to conquer the trail with him this year and be able to ride him alone. The weather has been easy over this Christmas break and I hope to get him out on the trail this week. I'm back at work, unfortunately - but I'll make it work out somehow.

Tomorrow, maybe Z and Starlet? I've got more hooves to manage and hoping it stays warm. Enjoying some slow time and getting back to my passion and my partners.

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