Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kime Group Lesson #3

A huge change with my horse and I and a great day with the group.

moving the hand - hand too far in the air
huge change in our stick riding - actually felt him turning and moving with me w/o reins. cool.
weird cantering - a few strides then drop to trot - am i in his way?
great improvement on backup - one foot at a time
best figure 8 i've ever gotten after he kicked out at me and landed a hoof on my stomach. I took my leadership up a notch and it was just what I needed to do. He's a dominant horse and I've got to watch it with him.
rode english and want to start doing that more to help me find my imbalances while riding.
practiced bridleless isolation of the ends and really found my bridleless riding improved from that practice

remember: quality, speed, distance - PICK ONE!

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