Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 2 - David Lichman

drag on Jess/Kade - helped Gem have more forward so we could play with bending w/o him falling out of the trot.

more natural collection

llama herding - Gem had no fear! He was willing to go forward to the llamas and follow them, no problem.

cantering with collection - we worked on this for a while, but Gem is a short horse and I have to build more gait maintenance into him.

Simon - we played with the noodle horse to help find our body positions for shoulders in, counter shoulders in, haunches in and renvers

haunches/shoulder in (counter shoulder in/renvers) - Gem and I were able to get this done ok, but if I asked him to perform these maneuvers at the trot, he came down to the walk.

holistic vet - very interesting visit with a holistic vet. My first holistic vet experience. Not sure if it was money well spent. Jury is still out.

helping Tammy trailer load - helped her load Ruby and the new gelding Bentley. Bentley has little trailer experience and Ruby has some bad trailer experience. I used everything I know to get those 2 loaded in the dark. I was glad to help, anxious to start my drive home, but glad to help and play with my horsemanship on 2 different horses.

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