Sunday, June 12, 2011

Going Aussie, mate?

I've been doing lots of research on saddles and I really want a lighter weight saddle for endurance. I'm using my western which is about 30 lbs and covers more of her back than I'd like (traps in heat). I know I'll need to spend about $1k to get something that will work for well - you get what you pay for with saddles. Tonight, I decided to pull out some old saddles I bought years ago for endurance and see if there's any chance I could make them work.

The horse that matters is Zarah. I have an Aussie endurance saddle that is lightweight and secure so I tried it on Z. It fit ok, maybe just a slight bit tight in the shoulders. I added my CSI pad and tried it out. She has plenty of should room with the pad and she seemed comfortable in it. We rode around the property a bit and I felt positive that I could make it work. I'll need a breast collar and a seat saver, but I think we could make it work. Otherwise, maybe I could get a few hundred bucks for it and put it towards an Ortho-flex or Timberline or Desoto.

A few miles will tell the story...

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