Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kendall rides again!!

She just wanted to. Badly. She's ready to come back and hang out with me on horses. I'm elated!

We started in the arena, then walked around the property a little. She had fun in the arena and worked on teaching Rain to halt w/o reins. Rain already knows this, but Kendall worked on finding it with Rain. She was smiling ear to ear the whole time! She trotted/gaited and cantered around happily. Oh, what a sight.

Z and I played with keeping her nose down and trot/canter transitions. She was confused at first and a little anxious, but she figured out what I was after and did it gracefully. I am now going to be more conscious of building that into her regularly. It's ok on the trail sometimes, but we need to get good at rounding up and getting efficient with movement.

Starlet hung out with us around the property and trotted with us. She's moving wonderfully and I'm so relieved. Her wound is huge and she has a lot of skin to grow, but she's feeling pretty good. Thankful.

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