Sunday, July 31, 2011

Conditioning at Greenland and Laurie meets the horses

Had a great ride at Greenland with Melissa and Kholo. Z was a speed demon and it took her several miles to move at a normal speed. Kholo is a tough trail partner because he doesn't trot as fast as Z and he ends up cantering an awful lot. I worry about wearing him out. We went about 12 miles and covered the miles quickly. Had a great time!!

When I got back, Laurie came over to help me play with horse therapy. I wanted Laurie to spend some time with the horses and I hoped they would help her feel better. She tried to do some liberty work with Z in the round pen and then she rode Rain with me on Z. Rain wasn't very cooperative for Laurie, but Laurie is new to horses and Rain took full advantage. Still it was fun!

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