Friday, July 8, 2011

Left Leads and Forward Energy

Rode Gem in the arena and after a few minutes, decided to do our practice in the front pasture. We worked on the free walk, a nice forward trot and then left lead canter. Got some nice lead cantering going! That was a big deal and I could tell he was understanding that left cantering meant left lead over the course of our riding. I was really thrilled with his changes! We got a nice, energetic trot in the front pasture, too.

Fun ride, but short. More tomorrow.


Max Ikbal said...

This is an awesome blog Tia. It would be great if you also posted training videos of your skills with horses.

Tia Jones said...

Hello Max -

Thank you for the suggestion! I have many videos and need to do a better job of getting them posted. I appreciate the feedback.

Tia Jones