Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dressage Lesson #4

Wow, today was hard! I can feel the instructor expecting more and more of me and Gem. It's exhilirating and challenging!


1) Keep my lower leg QUIET! I should be working from the knees up and the lower leg should only activate to make a request. This is brand new to me and very difficult.

2) Motivate him for faster gaits, but immediately go quiet. Do little bits until he understands that I want lively movement.

3) It's all about FORWARD!! Even when leading, be more particular about getting forward with the slightest request. I don't need someone to tell me how to get forward when leading, so I need to simply fix it and not waste her time with that. It's a hole in my partnership with Gem - he creates a nag in me - an ineffective one at that. I must do better to give him the responsibility.

4) KC rode him to start the lesson. She showed me how she gets forward more energetic. Gem did well with her, which was nice to see.

5) Left lead canter - we worked on this for a while. I need to make sure I keep his head turned slightly left and don't ask too much with the outside leg. Use the inside leg more.

6) I rode w/o my stirrups so she could help my find my leg position. I realize my riding style is pretty far off from what she wants to see. Riding w/o stirrups helped me be there more easily, but it was challenging!!

What a lesson!


Alice said...

Interesting stuff! I'm curious whether your dressage instructor is looking for your leg to be further back? That was a tough aspect to my hunt seat lessons as my hip just didn't want to do it. It helped when I realized my knee had to turn out more.

I so enjoy reading your posts! Thanks for sharing.

Tia Jones said...

Oh yeah, she wants me leg much further back than I've ever had it while riding. This is a whole different experience for me and I'm really enjoying it. Also, such a long stirrup compared to my western riding. It's a brave new world! :p