Friday, October 7, 2011

One final lesson before the show

Met with KC the day before our first show. We worked on the left lead, but I honestly don't believe we made much progress. He seems to just be practicing the counter canter. I don't think he's getting a clear understanding of what I mean when I ask him to canter to the left with the left lead. I don't know why we lost the left lead.

We worked on stretch, chewy trot and Gem is getting that with not trouble.

We played with slowing down the trot tempo and helping me understand what the trot tempo should be.

I really feel like I'm getting the pattern solid in my mind, which makes me feel much better for the show. I decided to do only Training Level 1, so I only have 1 test to memorize. This is a huge relief and we're practicing the test in sections. We start with a left lead canter in this test. Probably not the best choice for our first test, but I really just want the show experience, not a blue ribbon.

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