Saturday, October 8, 2011

Show day!

Snow!! We drove in a few inches of very unexpected snow. Last night, my truck died on the ride home from my dressage lesson. Perfect. I was able to call on a couple friends to help me out and borrowed a truck and trailer so we could go to the show. I'm so lucky to have great friends.

Gem was great! He loaded in this foreign trailer with no trouble. We slowly made our way to get Loma and Nina and just before we arrived, the ranch had lost power. This meant the gate didn't work. Loma called for help, but I was feeling like the universe was against me going to this show! Between the truck dying, the snow and now no way to get onto the property to get Loma and Nina... Oye.

We overcame it all. We arrived and had time to warm up and get ready and even finish braiding. Gem was cool and calm and I was so grateful for the way he handled it all. I couldn't wait to tack him up and starting warming up. We ended up riding two fairly equally scored tests. We got 57.1 and 57.8. I was so pleased with how he handled it all and I'm ready for the spring season! I think that for 4 months time, we're doing quite well and by next Spring, we'll be ready to really hit it. Exciting!

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