Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sabrina and Starlet - a friend of a friend came to see Starlet today. She heard about her through my friend and felt like this was a great prospect for her. She was looking for a dark bay Thoroughbred mare who was quiet but had plenty of go. After a discussion on the phone, Starlet seemed like she could be a great fit. She came today to meet her and she ended up riding her for about an hour and a half. She brought her 2 yr old daughter and her parents. I hung around, riding Zarah and spending a little time with her daughter while she spent time with Starlet. I could tell pretty quickly that this would be a nice match. Bittersweet. Starlet deserves a partner and I haven't given her that. I feel bad about it and I keep thinking I'll find time, but I don't think I ever actually will. It's time to let her go. If it doesn't work out, Sabrina will bring her back to me and I will be sure she's happy and cared for. I feel very good about this match and I think this could be just what Starlet needs.

Chrissy following me on Cowboy - Before Sabrina arrived, Chrissy and I rode around in the arena. So glad to see Chrissy on her horse!! I walked around on Z and Chrissy and Cowboy followed. She was a little nervous at first, but I could see her nervousness melting away. I hope she keeps it up!

Z took it easy through it all today. It was her first ride since the 50 mile race. She was calm and easy and after riding Gem so much, I so appreciate Z's sensitivity and willingness. She's a great reminder of what I seek with Gem. I put Sabrina's daughter on her and lead her around. Sienna was so happy to ride this horse! Kendall rode her, too. I kept the lead line for Kendall because I know the horse that Z is, but Z was calm and reasonable. Such a nice mare.

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